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Harley davidson death wobble video

harley davidson death wobble video Fix 1993-2016 Harley Death Wobble on Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Street Glide, CVO, and Ultra Touring Bikes. That will go right into a Death Wobble you can’t get out of and it will try to throw you off like a raging bull. Never once experienced death wobble. With the most basic of hand tools (a lift is not required, nor is elevating the bike itself), the True-Track mounts to the rearmost portion of the transmission pan; the dog-bone stabilizer locates off the stamped-steel frame cross-member. The bob can speed wobble your ass to death this is known as death wobble because it feels like you are going to die but slowing down will end it. [Sponsored link] "Death Wobble" in the news There is even a video of one on the web occurring during a road race event. That’s the myths and legends part. The motorcycle rider who filed the lawsuit is not the first person to complain about the issue. It is a phenomenon in which a bike's rear kicks back and forth –– a phenomenon that some very wrongly attribute to being specific to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 05' "Crazy Train". Both bikes have been 'fine tooth combed" front to back. As far as the bike wobble when cornering hard? Duh!!! It's not a death wobble, just a reminder that this is not a sport bike, it's a heavy cruiser that likes the flat and true highways. still wobbles - Harley Davidson 2007 FLSTSC Softail Springer question Video Games & Consoles Touring Chassis Frame Stabilizer Link Death Wobble Fix. That's the myths and legends part. I laid it down on the side of the road. Sign me up. ” The story begins with the classic “Some riders chose Harley for this reason, some chose it for that, status symbol, made in America, yadda yadda yadda. Ride like a tool and die seems to be harleys stance. They are usually developed at high speed like in the video below front end slow speed wobble very noticable at 30mph feels ok at higher speeds but sometimes feel at rear end push - Harley Davidson 2001 FLHTCUI Electra Glide question I have read plenty about people getting death wobble during high speed cornering. The Alloy Art stabilizer takes away the "rear steer" thereby eliminating the wobble associated with rubber mounted motors. One of these, looked like a very new Street Glide with ape hangers, was doing a shimmy at 80 plus mph and he wasn't slowing down. We have gotten away from the original thread subject which was a TV station doing a report on the wobble, and I still Harley Death Wobble. i like to tighten the steering bearings tighter than harley recommends,just to the point of sticking and then back off one quarter turn. ” While Harley-Davidson is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. $99. In truth, wobble can be experienced on any bike. I was pedaling down hill as fast as I could, the high-rise handlebars on my Schwinn started shaking side-to-side. Two Softails, an old FLH and a Sportster but no rubber mounted engine touring bikes. THAT makes it an Internet Myth. But shiiiiii was that a lesson. The company has been around since 1903 when it was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. O. “We couldn't figure out why it was shaking, but we noticed it Forums > Harley Davidson Motorcycles > Touring Models > Harley Speed Wobble, Tank Slap, also known as the Death Wobble Discussion in ' Touring Models ' started by BaZa , Sep 7, 2010 . Some Harley Motorcycles Plagued By 'Death Wobble' - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix Harley Speed Wobble, Tank Slap, also known as the Death Wobble With reference to the tragic loss of one of our club members here in the UK and very close friend to me, Chris Jonas on May 27th this year, here is a message from his brother Gary asking for any information if you have experienced any of the symptoms of a 'Tank Slap' etc. I'm gonna inject a "non subjective" into this ocean of opinions - The Harley Death Wobble (tour framed HD's) Regardless of whether I exist or not, the "Death Wobble" DOES ! At the time, I knew nothing about this malady, so I simply took it back to the dealership with a noob complaint of instability while in a high speed sweeping curve. The proof is right in that video. I don't wear the ol mesh jacket with the armor pads much during the summer, but sure thinking hard about having it on next time I fire up the The crash victim in the video talks about a violent shaking, not a side to side wobble and considering the speed he was traveling and what looked like a straight stretch of road, based on the picture of the wrecked bike, it really doesn't sound like what happened to him was the "death wobble". and many others but the common reasons are listed above. The HOG also opened new revenue streams for the company, with the production of tie-in merchandise offered to club members, numbering more than one million. 2014 harley road king wobble, 2014 harley ultra limited death wobble, can batwing fairing create lift at high speed, does harley raod king shimmy in curves, harley batwing unstable in turbulence, harley death wobble cause, harley death wobble years, motorcycle death wobble, steering unstable harley ultra, victory police accident wobble weave The wreck resulted in serious injuries. 2010 z1000, hits guard rail The Harley Davidson is back in the news again with shocking footage of a "wobble" that has had lots of lawsuits, investigation and has been plaguing Harley's @wwwMrFixer101com, I notice you point out the '93-08 models at the beginning of your video. It only happens when taking corners above 75 and it is just a slow wobble and as soon as the floor boards start hitting the ground you just slow down a bit and it goes away. Lots of things can be traced to various sources of flexure on the machine and there are several varieties of wobble or wiggle from the Harley bagger 'rear steer' to the common decell wobble noticed on some Road Glides. The design had been very much the same until 2009. . I have been riding since 1982 , 1 Suzuki , 1 Kawasaki , 1 Ironhorse , 5 Honda's , 4 Yamaha's , and 5 Harley-Davidson's , never have I had a death wobble , on any of my bikes , however , I have experienced poor quality in handling , and control when I have had worn , or under inflated tires , most common issue in a slight low speed side to side movement in handle bars , be safe out there , and Those are the people who have experienced the "Harley wobble" or the "death wobble" while riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles throughout Arizona. Other than that in my 50 years of motorycling I have never seen or talked to the person themselves that experienced a Harley wobble. In addition, in other lawsuits against Harley-Davidson, Lieff Cabraser is representing motorcyclists injured allegedly as a result of what are commonly referred to as "high-speed wobble" (or "tank-slapper") accidents involving Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Harley’s method is patented. I can't stand Harley-Davidson as a corporation and as motorcycles, but this crap is ridiculous. In Tucson and across the country, more and more motorcycle riders are reporting a common equipment malfunction in their Harley Davidson: the cycle begins to shake and wobble while it is in motion. Then again mine is an 05' so it was due to have that thing filled with grease and adjusted. Harley-Davidson recognized that their bikes tend to wobble and weave at average speeds and under normal conditions. straight engine to frame. Front wheel had no play. 95 Today, I want to talk about the infamous Harley Death Wobble. Frankly outside a showroom I've never seen a legal Harley. The Harley Death Wobble and its Effect in Causing Deadly TX Accidents. Actually, if you've got apes, you might as well let go as you can't control Why Does Your Harley Davidson® Wobble? By Tim Stone (2016-Sept) The rubber mounted Harley is a great thing. For example, the engineers at Suzuki will tell you 80 MPH is not a safe speed for their C50 design because it's not. Stage 3 95", 211 Cams, SE Heavy Breather, Rinehart 2-1, DNA 60's, Longboy Fender and an assortment of trinkets and stuff. He seeks unspecified financial damages. 00. The only wobble I ever had was on a 1985 Gold Wing. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - Death wobble 2014 F 350 6. The "death wobble" you refer to is the same and I didn't realize where it was coming from till now, THANKS so much !!! I replaced the entire rear hub bearings and internals, new tire and balancing last year, thinking they were worn and causing the wobble and wear. It has 6K miles on it and does have the factory steering stabilizer. . I was brought up by a lawyer looking to make a class actions suit. As a Harley owner I'm familiar with the "Harley death wobble" it is related to rubber mounting the frame and swing arm along with a fork mounted windshield. Harley Davidson. Torque + crack and bump in road = tank slapper into death wobble = Dislocated Shoulder, Partial collapsed lung, Lots of road Rash. From what I understand, it was possibly the result of how they mount the engine and use it as part of the frame support. Well watch thee video and find out for yourself. But I don’t dare take my hands off the handle bars while riding over 25 mph. We don't think it was the infamous death wobble because this happened going straight IMGUR version “If the Harley Davidson Wobble occurs when the motorcycle is in traffic or in a curve, or both, it can cause a crash to occur, resulting in serious injury or death. 50x20's spartan tuned and deleted. 5oz more fork oil that the other one, after draining and refilling with the exact amount of fork oil in each side the death wobble was no more and the bike tracked straight till the needle on the speedo went to the podometer window which should be around 130mph. But instead, it is a phenomenon in which a bike’s rear kicks back and forth –– a phenomenon that some very wrongly attribute to being specific to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. C. The only thing close to a 'Death Wobble' is a high speed tank slapper (like seen on the Isle of Mann video). I'll call B. Harley-Davidson motorcycles u This video asks a question about the Harley Davidson Death Wobble. Someone exceeding the speed geometry of a design. The Sportster was my favorite and actually had the most comfortable seating position. It is a phenomenon in which a bike's rear kicks back and forth –– a phenomenon that some very wrongly attribute to being specific to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Harley Davidson had a death wobble also. They are also called speed wobbles or death wobbles and, as the latter name implies, they can be lethal. 90% of the time it was under inflated front tire. In truth, wobble can be experienced on any bike. 9% fashion riders anyway. YES, i have DEATH WOBBLE!!!! Anyone had this problem? Yes, it is scary! 1. " Best escape from the beginning of a wobble is to actually relax and or let go of the handle bars and throttle. The V Twin Gnarley Bar; Honda. My clunk and wobble was fixed via a head bearing lube and adjustment . Smooth Rider Stabilizer for 1993-2008 Harley Davidson Touring Models. Harley Davidson Wobble: General: 26: Jun 9, 2011: I Took A Harley-Davidson LiveWire On A Road Trip And Everything That Could Have Gone Wrong Did: General: 31: Nov 29, 2020: Tyler Flight's insane Harley jump: Videos: 6: Sep 24, 2020: Harley Davidson offers counselling to riders: General: 18: Feb 25, 2020: 2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight Harley-Davidson does acknowledge that its bikes are susceptible to a weave or wobble -- depending on the bike's speed. Softail springer got a wobble in the front, tried new bearings and set fall away. “If the Harley Davidson Wobble occurs when the motorcycle is in traffic or in a curve, or both, it can cause a crash to occur, resulting in serious injury or death. , the bike on which he crashed was made in York, Rouse says. And I have come across some intersting, ridiculous, and gaudy custom paint jobs. To try and stiff arm it will make it WORSE. Worn or loose trackbar bushings or tie rod ends on the trackbar itself. Get breaking news, in-depth articles, new model reviews, and press releases covering Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in the motorcycle industry. ” While Harley-Davidson is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. By the way, the 2007 Sportster that I referred to had progressive springs in the forks when the death wobble happened. The news reports are calling it a “death wobble”, it is basically the chassis of the bike starting to oscillate twisting and buckling “trying” to kick the rider off the bike and so far there have been several A worn or torn front motor mount can be the source of a wobble on a Harley Davidson. The result is that under certain Dunlop Wobble & Weave. I have had 1984 and currently a 1997 Harley FXST Softail. They will be now. Dealer even commented that the tire balance was AFU. Lift kit was the 2" Mopar. Call 719-572-2380 for more information. these two counter balancer's are chain driven off of the crank. Search for "Harley Death Wobble" and you'll find as many who claim it did exist as there are previous or current owners who say they never experienced it and it doesn't exist. So I thought like on my 2005 F250 with 140,000 when it started to shake when I hit a bump swap out the steering dampener and problem solved. As far as the bike wobble or become unstable because riding at 90-MPH +? Duh!!! The bikes aren't meant to go fast. I don't have the money to buy the true track, but im - Harley Davidson 2005 FXDWG - FXDWGI Dyna Wide question The Harley Davidson wobble, also referred to as the death wobble, is the name given to the problem people experience because of the way the engine is mounted into the frame. I drove 500 miles on I5 North from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay area this past Sunday in my car. The Harley Davidson starter replacement process is virtually the same for six speed Twin Cam models (pre-2007… Watch Now >> the touring models are going to vibrate or more so shake at and idle more than your softail. It's not normal and it should never be a company policy that it is an acceptable condition. Fits Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Street Glide, CVO, Ultra Motorcycles. However, I am experiencing it during strait line riding as well. how can i fix the death wobble? im a welder and fabricator. I got the Harley Death Wobble last time I was out riding. the triple tree/fork set up on these bikes In other words, no more wiggle-wobble, as True-Track likes to call it. Twin Cam 103 1999-2006 Twin Cam 96 2007-Present NOTE: No wobble until I installed the new tires. It is a phenomenon in which a bike's rear kicks back and forth –– a phenomenon that some very wrongly attribute to being specific to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Harley-davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic Motorcycle Information: Harley Davidson is probably the most well-known name in motorcycles. . One has low bars, small fairing and steering stabilizer, the other tall bars, 1/4 fairing, fork brace. In order to be able to post messages on the Harley Davidson Roadster Forum forums, you must first register. No cases has anyone ever been riding legally. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, click here for a top rated law firm to evaluate your legal rights. I prefer performance bikes to Harley's, would rather have speed/handling over a rolling piece of art. HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE ENGINES One constant of Harley-Davidson, since almost the very beginning, has been the use of 45-degree air-cooled V-Twins. , the bike on which he crashed was made in York, Rouse says. The wobble would trigger during high speed if you decelerated or hit a bump/pot hole. Box down below. Only $159. He just &$^%d up and can't admit it. There is a you tube video about the "death wobble". 18 product ratings - Harley Davidson Air Filter XL1200 I have a 2010 Harley Street Glide trike. Harley Davidson wobble crash, just bad facebook link, all over the HD boards I frequent, guy is okay. But then my bike's a harley so I guess I'll be accused of self interest here lol. I'm not buying the 25mph death wobble claim either. It is one thing to get a fancy/weird paint job once the bike is yours, but it is a fun rabbit hole to fall in Smooth Rider Bagger Stabilizer Link 2009-2016 Harley Davidson Touring Models (Fits: 2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Custom FLTRX) Touring Chassis Frame Stabilizer Link Death Wobble Fix Brand New Smooth Rider Bagger Stabilizer Link 1993-2008 Harley Davidson Touring Models (Fits: Harley-Davidson) Touring Chassis Frame Stabilizer Link Death Wobble Fix Brand New The avoidance of death is death, the willingness to die is to live. Save Share. Being on two wheels makes a properly operating suspension and steering system very important to your safety. Starting at about 40mph if I loosen my grip on the handlebars I get a small amount of wobble back and forth in the handle bars. Popular Harley powerplants and their service timelines are seen below, courtesy of the Harley-Davidson archives. The lawyer always get all the money and the people a coupon. The wobble threw him violently into the ground, according to the complaint filed in court. Both develop at about 80-85mph and if you are really brave you can power thru em at about 100mph. Why for a news station to single out Harley Davidson is I have 2 friends with FXDX's that both have this "death wobble". Been riding Harley's for over thirty years. . Brief discussion on what causes small, medium to dangerous wobbling on motorcycles. Not corrected because it is not worth it. Owner came in and explained that "it's because it's a Harley. 08 Harley Davidson F350 6" lift with 36x15. There are videos on Youtube that show it like the one I mentioned in this video at: https: The Harley Davidson is back in the news again with shocking footage of a "wobble" that has had lots of lawsuits, investigation and has been plaguing Harley's This video seems to be trying to smootheover the “Harley death wobble” scare by creating a fear of every part on the bike when they already know that harleys without stabilizers (upto 3 on some touring models are required to limit the circular motion the engine and suspension create due to their engine mounting design . I've been hearing about the horrors of the death wobble for years, particularly on the Ultras of which I have owned 3 and never had an issue. I'm definitely gonna give those Dunlops a try, you saved me, my friend !!! On the Honda ST1300 the "death wobble" was caused by theaero effect of the top case when the bike was ridden at high speeds (90+ mph) without a passenger. He will show us how to remove and install a starter motor on your 2017 and later Milwaukee Eight Touring model Harley Davidson. In short, Harley Davidson is one of the most well-known brands in our country. There's a lot of links if you search it. Inspect your front motor mount whenever performing regular maintenance. It just comes off as harsh and unfair on harley is all. Unfortunately, there is also a growing number of experienced riders who have either suffered traumatic injury or death due to a serious and dangerous problem known as the "Harley Wobble" or "Death Wobble. For fun I have been looking through craigslist and facebook marketplace to see what might be out there. the street glide has three rubber mounts on Same thing just happened to my buddys Wide Glide, almost every time he hit 60-65 mph it would go into death wobble mode, right around 70 mph it would calm down. The cure for death wobble is a BMW police motorcycle. to that one. You telling me that at 25-MPH he couldn't have hit the brakes? B. It was a The Harley "death wobble" is a bit different. . I have seen the death wobble in races at high speed and also agree it can happen to any motorcycle, probably various causes with front tire/suspension issues. The Harley-Davidson Wobble is a dangerous condition that presents itself on certain Harley models in which the bike begins to shimmy and wobble after reachin Read Description!!!!!If you want to skip the crash skip to 0:35You can send blank checks to my P. I chose to run with 6” risers and straight drag bars, looks quite badass. Is the back wheel following the front for instance. Harley Davidson Forums. The bike is a 2009 Super Glide Well long story short and a couple of mechanics later, one fork tube had 1. This wobble has been traced to the rubber mounted motor/swingarm assembly present in pre-2008 Harley-Davidson motorcycles which can twist or yaw depending on suspension loads or other conditions. A wobble can start with tyres following a squiggle in the road, back eddies from the wind around front screens, disturbed air around read bags and things. These lawsuits are unrelated to the Wisconsin consumer fraud class action. " A camera mounted on a Georgia state trooper's police-issued Harley shows A man in North Carolina has launched a lawsuit arguing the infamous 'Death Wobble' is a dangerous flaw in the design of some Harley-Davidson models - Visordown is the world's fastest growing motorcycle website with all the latest motorbike reviews, motorcycle news, riding tips, and exclusive motorcycle videos. A Harley blew by me so fast my bike was shaking! I have never seen a Harley rip like that. It wasn't on a Harley Davidson, but many years ago I faced the death wobble on my bike. Death wobble ? Pussy wobble more like - bikes like the Norton Commando, Kawasaki H1 and H2, Suzuki GT750 waterbottle, Honad CB750 K1 - these bikes had proper, hairy-chested tank slapping capabilities if the rider was careless or maintenance was sh Today, I want to talk about the infamous Harley Death Wobble. This was the first time I've seen one happen albeit on video. S. Says the tires are overinflated and lets air out to 30 lbs HOT. The rider featured in this news clip had several decades of experience on a motorcycle, but was unable to reign in his Harley when it began to wobble, causing him to lay the bike down. Are the forks twisted. The possible equipment malfunction Costa describes has become known as the Harley-Davidson Wobble, or "Death Wobble. Seems that Harleys "fix" was to change the torque specis on the neck bearings. HD Roadster 1200 Photos And I was relieved then when I began watching what you had to say, though the title still bothers me a bit. of course that is after i checked the wheel alignment,very accurately. Harley Davidson Softail: Suspension Diagnostic Guide Between shock absorbers, bushings, wheels/tires, and alignment, the suspension and steering system can create a number of problems. Liebeck says that the problem has become known as the Harley wobble, the rear steer and even the death wobble – and for good reason as the condition can kill you. $159. True control with a True-Track stabilizer - To see wobble footage in action, check out the videos available at the TrueTrack channel. Harley-Davidson established the Harley Owners Group (HOG) in 1983 to build on the loyalty of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts as a means to promote a lifestyle alongside its products. But they said that this does not cause accidents, and that weave or wobble happens to other bike manufacturers, regardless if it is a Harley or not. hey wobble miester. A police officer in Raleigh was killed when his 2002 motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson Touring model, crashed after reportedly experiencing a high-speed wobble. This is not the first time that Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been subject to litigation. The death wobble started up. West Midlands Wobble & BBQ June 2006. I was pedaling down hill as fast as I could, the high-rise handlebars on my Schwinn started shaking side-to-side. It went right back into a seriously scarey wobble!! Thought I was F'd again!! well thankfully the corner ended and I brought it level and ironed it out. Although ten minutes long it is really worth watching. Galveston motorcycle accident attorneys know that if you’re familiar with Harley Davidson motorcycles, you might also be familiar with the “Harley wobble” or the “death wobble” as it’s sometimes called. A few Harleys past me doing 85-90. I leveled up to stop the wobble - which I overcame- then brought it back down into cornering to keep on the road. Basically, the swing arm (the suspension part of the bike that serves as the pivot point) is mounted to the rear end of the transmission on the Harley motorcycles. I have 2005 Excursion Power Stroke. It was inherit in these bikes. It is a wobble in the video. In short, the death wobble is actually a speed wobble. The design however lacks an adequate stabilizer system. The wobble was such a problem that police in several European countries grounded their ST1300 police motorcycles and stopped buying new ones to add to fleets. The crash left him with a quadruple compound fracture in his leg, several broken ribs and a punctured lung. Whatever the cause I hope wachuko gets his problem resolved, and if it were me I would be hounding the dealer to correct it. The other was Indian. " Then they decided that all rubber mount motors have a high speed wobble, and my wife is just not used to it. If the road is nice and smooth it starts around 80mph, if the road is bumpy it can start in the low 70mph range. And the tyres, and the suspension. Brand New. By now there have been a few incidents and they have even named this anomaly. Person filming was doing so because they noticed him wobble every time he sped up. great article, I have experienced a wobble from the same bike twice, it was a Buell Blast I bought on craigslist. I caught the bars before it got bad and turned around and went back to the dealer. From that I have read about the feared death wobble, it appears to mostly be something that happens when the rider is pushing the bike very hard, usually over 75 or 80 mph and often on uneven road surfaces. front end needs alignment. CHP Test Riders Experience the Harley-Wobble / Harley-Weave during an evaluation of the Electra Glide Have you ever encountered wobble or weave on a motorcycle? Technical Editor Kevin Cameron looks into the causes of caster oscillations. 7 - Steering started to shake after hitting bump. The wobble cited Yes, it sounds like a dance move popularized by a metal band, but the “ Harley Death Wobble” is actually a well-documented issue with the Road King, Electra Glide and now defunct Dyna model lines. Reply. Still a debate over what went wrong. I wanted to know what model it was so I started up the King and took off in that school zone. LOLThis was the end of my 2017, I ended Head shake, tank slapper, death wobble, whatever you want to call it it's a terrifying experience no rider wants to go through. It would happen at high speeds in a curve (not a good time to get wobble). wmv - YouTube This video is very interesting. You can see from the video that leaning forward onto your gas tank stops the wobble right away. Three rubber mounts support the entire weight of the motor, transmission, and drive. Used 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 from Phil Long Ford of Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs, CO, 80920. I realize this is an older video, but just bought an '84 FLHT and wanted to make sure I don't have a design susceptible to "death wobble". A. Any chance of adding "The myth of the harley death wobble" or 'bikers death wobble, what you need to know". Already replaced Steering stabilizer (08/24/09) and it seems like the problem was gone until i started to hear some metal squeeking noise from pass side everytime i turn right and Today, I want to talk about the infamous Harley Death Wobble. 10% was typically loose steering head nut. 1993 - 2016 Harley Davidson Stabilizers True-Track, Inc, Original True-Track, Harley Wobble Stabilizer, touring link, ridestr8, glide pro, stop weaving, rearsteer, wiggling, swing arm pivot achor, wobbles on your touring model Harley with the innovators of the Missing Link stabilizer I can imagine Harley Death Wobble headlining Lollapalooza alongside Hoobastank. What it ended up being was a crappy job aligning the rear tire after a tire change and the front suspension was (fork oil) was way off. 95 and Free Shipping. no more wobble. The Harley wobble is well documented. Yesterday, a Phoenix-area news station’s website posted a story about the so-called “Harley Death Wobble. It provides us with an enjoyable (and distinctive) riding experience. i just did this to my 05 ultra classic that had a wobble,cleared up completely. It was only one of two American motorcycle brands to make it past the Great Depression. 99. Who cares In this video lesson, Mike gives us a demonstration on M8 Harley Davidson starter replacement. ” It then goes on to describe a motorcycle accident… It is not a tank slapper. I do like Harleys as well, but not a fan of the extreme price tag for a new Harley, like the one I looked at and rode at the 2015 Bikes, Blues, and BBQ when I rode the 2016 Harley CVO Limited, in which I have a video of that on my channel, and I also rode the 2016 Harley Softail Deluxe Classic. I laid it down on the side of the road. The people who took this video had been driving alongside him for long enough to notice that his bike only wobbled at higher speeds. A tank slapper is when the handlebars wildly oscillate. Harley Davidson Defect Lawsuit. the one major difference in your twin cam "B" engine and twin cam 96" A engine is that the softail is counter balanced in the crank case and is also a solid mount engine. The cause for death wobble are: Worn or loose tie rod ends on your steering linkage. the first one I went down going 75 on the highway and again going 40 in town. They are sued all the time for the 'Harley Death Wobble' and they all do that. It wasn't on a Harley Davidson, but many years ago I faced the death wobble on my bike. K. Caught him doing 28 in a 25 mph zone. harley davidson death wobble video