emergency situations while driving quizlet you are driving about 45 mph when situation occurs and you must avoid a collision by either braking or steering. Introduction. Most make an exception for emergency calls to police, the fire department, medical personnel, and the like. g. Which of these is not true about braking in an emergency situation? A) Brake in a way that will keep your vehicle in a straight line. Paragraph two Cell Phones as an Aid in Emergency Situations One of the biggest advantages to a teenager having a mobile phone is the ability to call an emergency service in case of an accident or a towing service in case of a tire blowout while driving. A medical emergency consists of sudden physical symptoms, such as seizure, intense bleeding, head trauma, loss of consciousness, chest pain, lack of breath or pulse, choking, sudden dizziness, or weakness. Start studying Driving. . Driving too slowly. Driving pigs off high ledges, platforms or steps while moving, loading or unloading. Which emergency is best handled by shifting to neutral. by braking gently while driving. Quizlet Learn. Loss of steering while braking. Texas State Wide Injury Prevention Initiative. You are driving about 45 mph when a situation occurs and you must avoid a. are rather strict and straying from these can cause serious trouble. And to be safe, you need to be prepared…even for the most unlikely events. Jun 14, 2020 · Answer: Treat this signal like a stop sign. • Failure to maintain directional signals. Flashcards. - maintain speed. - check traffic and select a safe path. Preparedness within the field of emergency management can best be defined as a state of readiness to respond to a disaster, crisis or any other type of emergency situation. measuring, comparing, and evaluating a traffic situation. • Noise violations, from loud stereos. 3. Start studying Adverse and Emergency Situations. to compromise space. None of these sound fun, but they can happen -- even to the world’s most cautious driver. , 2006). When traffic. Keep your car in good working order and the gas tank at least half full. A woman driving her car along that road called 911 on her cell phone to report that the car ahead of her had swerved to avoid a dog, gone off the road, plunged into a ditch, and hit a tree. Apply your brakes immediately. See full list on teex. Use the picture Nov 03, 2020 · An injury due to a motor vehicle accident, smoke inhalation, or burns from a fire are examples of medical emergency situations. the emergency dispatcher directs you to an accident on Pumpkin Hollow Road. most of the information you process while driving is what you _____ see. com Consider situations in which, realistically, there’s no way you can defend yourself. Emergencies While Driving. T or F: While cell phones are, indeed, a valuable device in one's car for emergency situations, a cell phone should not be used while driving. An escape route is a backup route in surrounding driving areas that a driver can take in case of a dangerous road situation to prevent or lessen the possibility of injury and property damage. an effective control device that is least used in emergency sit. ** While this applies to driving in general, staying alert means keeping your eyes on the road and noise level within the car low enough to hear any potential sirens. Use caution on roadways marked with deer crossing signs. Still drive to and from work or school; C. Five important signs you need to take action: Frequent yawning and rubbing your eyes; Can’t remember the last few miles driven; Having trouble holding your head up, or nodding off Question: 15 One of the most important things you can do while driving is to concentrate on the_____of your passengers. Drivers are exempt from using a cellphone or text messaging while driving only when: Reporting an emergency situation. Your first reaction is the best reaction. Oct 07, 2020 · Basic Driving Rules All drivers must be well-versed in basic traffic laws, as failure to abide by them will create dangerous driving situations and may result in a fine, penalty or suspension of your driver’s license. • Provide examples and/or causes of distracted driving. procedure in each situation below. no abs, focus on target, ease off brake, . What are engine fires usually caused by? According to the most recent figures from statista, there were around 181,500 highway vehicle fires reported in 2018. The Emergency Management Institute – The Federal Role in Emergency Management Education in the United States. When driving in congested traffic, try to maintain a space cushion in the front and on at least one side. Most people know someone who has died in a car accident. Start studying NAVY Driving for Life. This part of the federal regulations applies to all drivers of commercial motor vehicles transporting hazardous materials that must be marked or placarded in accordance with §177. 60% of van rollovers are the result of under-inflated tires. Four-second rule -Allows you to scan ahead of the vehicle in front of you and keeps you a safe distance back in case of an emergency or unexpected traffic situation Start studying Driving Emergencies. When you return to your car, have the key ready and check the front and rear seats and floor before getting in. Thus, while both hands free dialing and hands-free conversation may reduce the risk of a crash for the individual driver, by reducing such risk more drivers may be willing to use the cellular telephone while driving or may be willing to engage in longer conversations. You are a beginning driver. 70% of driving accidents occur within 25 miles from home. 823 of this title, to all motor carriers who are involved with the transportation of hazardous materials, and to each employee of the. ) 55 miles per hour B. , in an emergency, while safely stopped), monitoring resulting behaviors and reinforcing safety-related behaviors (Klauer et al. If you do not have an adequate space cushion on all sides, you must be extra alert. However, even after training, remembering the right first aid steps – and administering them correctly – can be difficult. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for driving in emergency situations. Bring your vehicle to a full stop and give right of way until it’s your turn. WHILE DRIVING. Tire blowouts. But driving slowly can be just as much of a safety hazard as speeding. A sudden tire blowout, a stuck accelerator, or even a patch of black ice can turn a peaceful commute into a complete disaster. B) Avoid using the brakes until your speed has dropped to 20mph. What to do for tire blowout. S. Emergency Situations. Driving In Emergency Situations - Aceable. Distracted driving is driving while engaged in any activity that could divert a persons attention away from the primary task of driving. Because so little information is known about the injuries or about any other circumstances, the operator must assume a true emergency. DRIVING EMERGENCIES. Head-on collisions. You should. Even hands-free devices can still cause you to miss important visual and audio cues needed to avoid a crash. Which action should you take first if the accelerator sticks while you are driving? While driving at 50mph, you have a left rear blowout. Quizlet Live. Module C is designed to provide an on-the-job performance assessment of the skills learned in the course through the use of an on-the-job checklist. - when under control ease off the accelerator. 1 out of 4 employees who drive as a part of their jobs experience an accident while at work. Which of the following statements applies to all driving emergency situations A. • Driving at night without headlights. 4. PLAY. 3)Check the traffic situation as you gain control of the vehicle. A small infraction or accident can prove disastrous. Use your cell phone for emergency situations only. A doctor may instruct a patient’s roommate about proper medicine dosage when she comes to pick up her friend from the hospital. In emergency situations, it is the responsibility of the driver to use his/her best discretion. s response to emergency situations. Federal Aviation Administration 49 CFR 397: Transportation of Hazardous Materials; Driving and Parking Rules. Start studying drivers ed. is learning how the pig perceives and responds to the handler in different situations and. You are being tailgated. Always slow down gradually. Who Pays If a Car Accident is Caused By a Medical Emergency? Aug 08, 2016 · How to Handle Emergency Situations While Driving Whether you drive every day or just for infrequent road trips, you always want to be safe behind the wheel. Jan 11, 2021 · A comprehensive database of more than 47 driving test quizzes online, test your knowledge with driving test quiz questions. Drivers in an emergency situation should not try turning the vehicle off while. Our online driving test trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top driving test quizzes. ) 60 miles per hour D. Describe the emergency B. 5. • Discuss the risk of having other young passengers in the car. B. Obviously, looking that far ahead won’t always be possible. I first learned about the basic skills required to turn emergency driving situations into non-events from car magazines and Piero Taruffi's 1959 book, The Technique of Motor Racing. Found a mistake? Let us know about it through the REPORT button at the bottom of the page. An acceleration skid usually: involves only the drive wheels. Name three potential dangers of using cell phones while driving? When drivers hear the siren of an emergency vehicle while driving on a one-way . Answers for Defensive Driving Questions Jun 10, 2015 · Safe driving advocates urge drivers to treat feeling drowsy while driving as a serious emergency and to pull over immediately. In these situations, it would likely be deemed reasonably foreseeable that these drivers could suffer medical emergencies while driving, meaning they could be found negligent in connection with any resulting accident. Welcome to the official site of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, with quick access to driver and vehicle online transactions and information. Braking too hard. Question 1: You are driving in heavy traffic and it begins to rain. 52. In New York State, it is a traffic infraction to speak into or listen to a hand-held mobile telephone while driving. If cars are passing you, it’s time to speed up. I honed those. Be sure to follow the instructions on the traffic citation if you were issued one. Unless your brakes have completely stopped working, avoid pulling to the side of the road where you could be in the way of other motorists and cause a potentially dangerous situation. - activate hazard lights. You have neither the hormone-assisted strength to respond aggressively to the inimical force nor the anxiety. For a first offense you could pay a fine up to $200 and receive five license points. Nov 11, 2020 · While being pulled over by a police officer is by no means a pleasant experience, using common sense and good manners can make it go much smoother than it otherwise might. -When driving in rain, the driver should increase the following distance from the car infront. The vehicle is . Slow down when roads are slippery because there is less traction. A. • Excessive display of acceleration, (burnouts. ) 75 miles per hour C. A hospital may discuss a patient’s payment options with her adult daughter. Highway Driving: While in uncongested areas, 12 to 14 seconds is about 1/4 mile ahead (at approximately 55mph). Handling Equipment Failure; Brake Failure; Tire Blowout; Headlight Failure; Hood Latch Failure; Stuck Accelerator; Driving off the Pavement; Engine Fire; In Case of a Collision; City, Rural, and Freeway Driving; Driving Conditions; Sharing the Road with Others; Car Information; Auto Central; Useful Driving Terms 4. The most important rule in any emergency is do not panic. Jan 07, 2018 · Recently, while on my way to the University of Pittsburgh’s campus, I made a quick “Pittsburgh left” – taking a left turn just as the light turns green – while facing a driverless car. If you didn’t know the answer to these driving test questions, don’t. Parked on the shoulder of a highway. 4)Drive off the. A locked-wheel skid is usually caused by: braking too hard at high  . 8 Laws, Regulations &. Oct 01, 2014 · Modeling the behavior of not texting while driving is important, as is setting limits while driving such as when the use of cell phones is appropriate (e. Mechanical failure causes many more emergencies than driver error. FLASHING YELLOW - Drive with caution. The test will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions and you must answer at least 24 of them correctly to receive a passing score. Make sure to correct whatever driving mistake caused you to be pulled over in the first place. org practice ambulance operator skills on a driving range and includes a driving range practice checklist. • Exchange your name, phone number and insurance company details/information with the other driver and make a note of their car number. When driving down steep mountain roads, to help save your brakes and control your speed. If your car stalls while moving, shift to _________and attempt to ______ the en. com. Talking on a Cellphone While Driving. While you wait for paramedics to arrive: Check alertness: Ask, "Are you OK?" advises Elda Ramirez, RN, MSN, FNP, CEN, professor and division head of emergency care at The University of. Start studying Emergency situations (Driver's Ed). ) • Not stopping for pedestrians or for a school bus. 1. A doctor may give information about a patient’s mobility limitations to a friend driving the patient home from the hospital. While waiting to make a left turn on a green light, you should be stopped in the. Discussion Questions. Click here to start now! If your hood suddenly flies up while you are driving, you should: (slow down, (try to look under the hood to see where you are going, but if you cannot then put your head out the window to look around the hood and use the lane line markings as a guide, and (pull off the road as soon as is safely possible and put on your emergency flashers. You have better control of your vehicle during emergency maneuvers if you are . What is the best way to keep from getting involved in an emergency situati. Emergency engine shut off To shut off the engine in an emergency situation while driving, perform the following procedure: – Rapidly push the push-button ignition switch 3 consecutive times in less than 1. FLASHING RED - The same as a stop sign, Stop, yield the right of way, go when it is safe. Use your 4-way flashers to warn other drivers! brakes. Think before you act. Correct: safety Question: 16 Among those killed, teenage drivers have the highest death rates per miles driven among all age groups, followed by elderly drivers and young ________. While some car fires are caused by collisions, they are more often caused by problems with a vehicle's electrical wiring, fuel system or even cigarettes left in the car, leaving the engine to catch fire. • Define distracted driving. • Call the emergency services (911) if anyone is injured, the accident has cause a hazardous situation or anyone involved in the accident has left the scene without leaving their details. Explanation: The single most important rule in any emergency is do not panic. Texas Defensive Driving Safety Course Test, Quiz - Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6, unit 7, Unit 8 Questions and Answers Text messaging or surfing the internet on your wireless device while driving: Text messaging or surfing the internet on your wireless device while driving answer A. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more. It’s difficult to give driving advice about hypothetical situations, so use your own judgment. You are driving on a multi-lane highway while towing an M1102 trailer loaded with cargo. Hard braking should only ever be used in emergency situations. Official ND DOT Handbooks, tips, tricks, and more. 5 seconds, or –. If gloves are available, put them on before applying pressure to the area that is bleeding. Take your foot off. And you may be able to help save a life. True T or F: Familiarize yourself with a destination site before driving to eliminate map reading while driving. Park in well-lighted areas and lock the doors, even if you'll only be gone a short time. Proceed to maintain direct and firm pressure on the wound with your palm pressing on a bandage, gauze, or clean cloth. If you notice your brake light come on while you are driving, find a safe place to pull over. If your car continues to hold the lane, slow down and then gently apply the ______. ) 65 miles per hour driving at night, in fog, rain, snow, and glare conditions and describe conditions and strategies of driving in strong winds. If your driving privilege has been revoked, you may: A. Diagrams. This extra space will help you move or maneuver in case of an emergency or hazardous situation. • Turn from an unapproved lane/Unsafe lane changes. 25% of all driving accidents are the result of excessive speed. D. By administering immediate care during an emergency, you can help an ill or injured person before EMS, Emergency Medical Services arrive. • Identify the biggest risk factor for distracted driving. If another driver “cuts” in front of you, it would be better if you: A. Even then, it's best to pull over safely to the right shoulder to make a call. 10. STUDY. In addition to arrest by police, the insurance structure means filing civil suits against others is very common. Drive only in an emergency; B. The Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (Ambulance) curriculum provides the knowledge and skill. C. Use emergency lights or flash your headlights to warn other drivers when deer are seen on or near the road. 7] I Drive Safely was founded with a mission to provide an effective … iDriveSafely Test Answers Read More » A number of states have outlawed handheld cellphone use while driving or have banned cellphone use for certain types of drivers. maintain speed - grip steering wheel firmly and steer to keep the vehicle in a straight line - activate hazard lights - when under control ease off the accelerator Start studying Drivers Test:: Accidents and Emergency Situations. Adults Aged 18-64: National Health Interview Survey, 2013 and 2014 pdf icon [PDF – 348 KB] Emergency Department Visits for Injury and Illness in Persons Aged 65 and Over: United States, 2012-2013 A driver can become distracted from safe driving by use of a mobile telephone (like a cellular telephone). Terms in this set (15) · Driving Coverage · The Highway Transportation System · Driver's Ed Review Questions · Changing Lanes, Passing, and Turning · Driver's ED . Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Handheld cellphones. if tire suddenly goes flat while driving you should:. Traffic laws are not open to interpretation; the law is the law and must be followed to the letter. Crashes. Not drive in this state with any license or permit; D. " Always call the dispatcher to tell them about the situation and get instructions. Skids. never attempt to reach down and work with malfunctioning gas pedal while vehicle is moving. While you're driving, a cell phone should only be used for emergency purposes. any type of wireless device while driving, except in an emergency situation. Drive only in the presence of a licensed parent or guardian; 5. hand. All of the above 2. You have good traction and you are an alert driver. As a defensive driver you should always have an escape route and plan routes ahead before facing a dangerous situation. Using the device hands-free or in voice-activated mode. This is a true emergency. Learn more about driving at DriversEd. 2. You are pulling a heavy load or a recreational vehicle. The driver ahead of you seems to be driving erratically. Drive with all the doors locked. Aug 26, 2004 · Continued. Use the Picture The picture shows many different traffi c situations. Getting your learner's permit or driver's license in Hawaii requires passing a general knowledge test based on the information contained in the 2021 Hawaii Driver's Manual. What is a safe driving practice for this situation? The vehicle on the left yields to the vehicle on the right. What emergency is best handled by shifting to neutral? accelerator. 3 slides: Winter Driving Safety Talk Winter is an especially dangerous time for workers who must drive on the job. These signs are put in areas that have had a large number of deer-vehicle collisions. Stopped due to normal traffic being obstructed and the vehicle is in neutral or park. What is something you should know if you were ever to experience a vehicle malfunction while driving? how to react in different vehicle malfunction situations. We thoroughly check each answer to a question to provide you with the most correct answers. If you do hear sirens or see an emergency vehicle, crack a window for better hearing and watch out for any pedestrians. check traffic situation Trains drivers how to handle hazardous situations that arise while operating a. You need to drive off the roadway slowly, turn on hazard flashers, and find a safe  . STEADY YELLOW - Prepare to stop for red light. When a tire blows out, you need to gain control of your vehicle without braking. - grip steering wheel firmly and steer to keep the vehicle in a straight line. C) It is not important how you brake in an emergency situation. See full list on mwl-law. when braking in an emergency stop, you should. Give your name and the telephone number of the phone you are using to make the call C. True or. your first reaction should be to. Works by commenting aloud on what you see while driving, what actions you are taking and what you can do. Get instant access to free 2021 North Dakota DOT practice tests and requirements. What to Do If the Light Comes on While You Are on the Road. Start studying Drivers ED: 13 handling emergency situations. Demonstrate knowledge of technological advances in the design of motor vehicles that enhance occupant safety and ability to respond more effectively under conditions of limited time and space. Nov 11, 2020 · While there is sometimes an aura of relaxation and leisure about the driving experience, traffic laws in the U. Give the exact address where the emergency occurred D. Start studying Emergency situations (Driver's Ed). Gerald is driving in emergency mode on a road that has a posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour. Emergency Department Visits by Patients Aged 45 and Over With Diabetes: United States, 2015; Reasons for Emergency Room Use Among U. 7 Emergency Response Plan. Sometimes, you can be so busy worrying about speeding that you end up going too slow. Click to rate this post! [Total: 3 Average: 4. shift to a. ) Jan 30, 2019 · Even the most careful drivers can find themselves in emergency situations. • List some actions employers should take to keep employees safe while driving. Explain a defensive driving technique that you could use to help make you and your passenger safer. and fog reduce visibility, so drivers should use_________ in such situations. , 2014, Simons-Morton et al. Headlight failure: Mechanical failure and environmental hazards are a part of driving, and you must be prepared to handle them. You have a better chance of handling the emergency. While driving at 50mph, you have a blowout of the left rear tire. According to the 2008 study conducted by the Pew Research Cen When providing emergency care for a hemorrhage, immediately call for help. Never pick up hitchhikers. According to AMR’s Vehicle Safety Policy on Emergency Mode Driving, what is the maximum speed at which Gerald is permitted to drive on this road? A. while driving at 50 mph, you have​ a blowout of the left rear tire, your first reaction should be to. In this case, the operator is determining the "nature of the emergency. emergency situations while driving quizlet