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youtuber goes to jail 2020 Irvine police arrested the defendants Tuesday, Jan. This channel will discuss corruption issues as well as why we in corrections do the things the way we due. Some create fake pranks and find success out of it, while others Youtubers gets a jail time or probation upon getting arrested. 4 Jun 2020. Youtuber jailed after filming himself making threatening call to hospital hit by Covid-19. Former YouTube star Austin Jones is now facing a minimum of five years in federal prison. Let’s go. Dutch nationals sentenced to jail after trespassing near Area 51 (AP). Apr 23, 2018 · Scottish YouTuber Mark Meechan, known as Count Dankula, was charged with a hate crime on Tuesday for posting a video of his girlfriend's pug doing a Nazi salute. Sep 05, 2016 · A Russian YouTuber could face five years in jail after he filmed himself playing Pokémon Go in a church. 5m as this year's highest-paid YouTuber Ryan’s World ‘child influencer’ also made estimated $200m from branded toys and clothing Published: 18 Dec 2020 06/04/2020 05:06 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2020 YouTuber Jake Paul Charged With Trespassing In Looted Arizona Mall The YouTube star was charged with two misdemeanors after video showed him inside a closed mall in Scottsdale while it was being looted. Assault Lawsuit Filed. Psychic Prediction Trump Goes To Prison is not a political slight or judgement in any way, as when I read, I neither oppose or endorse any political figure. In the now-deleted video, called "My Girlfriend Alexia Died… *Rest In Paradise*," he said his girlfriend Alexia Marano had been killed by a drunk driver. Earlier this month, YouTuber Billy "Billy B" Altidor . CAIRO- 17 September 2020: Al Basateen Prosecution office ordered a . 6 Aug 2020. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Pinterest Reddit Print. " Dec 09, 2020 · In mid-November, as President Donald Trump railed against the election results, his wife, first lady Melania Trump publicly agreed with his sentiments. Jul. 5, 2020. 5/15/2020 12:20 AM PT. May 12, 2020 · Family identified the passenger as YouTuber Corey La Barrie. 3 Jun 2019. 7 Dec 2020. Born in Widnes, Attwood became interested in the stock-market at age 14, trading for the first time at the age of sixteen. 2020 – Johnimations: John Bob, going under the Youtube username . On Monday, February 3, 2020, a warrant was issued for Jason Ethier. YouTubers near child rapist's home cause inconvenience for residents. YOUTUBER PRANK STARS THE STOKES TWINS CHARGED WITH A FELONY FOR ALLEGED BANK ROBBERY PRANKS. Mar 17, 2020 · YouTube Couple Sentenced for Stealing From Government A South Florida couple with a popular YouTube channel have been sentenced to federal prison for stealing Social Security and federal tax funds. Dec 13, 2020 · Republican Senator Thom Tillis has proposed a rider to must-pass funding legislation for the federal government that would make it a felony punishable by prison time if an online streamer violates copyright law by showing a clip from another network or by using music. where Zainab painted her face black and went to her one-year-old baby. • Aug 7, 2020. - ate the cookies, ReSet jibed: “Maybe I've gone a bit far, but look at the positive . this is crazy, watch until the end s. See full list on youtube. ” Police began investigating Sokolovsky shortly after the video was. Share Save. Jan 23, 2020 · Why do so many YouTubers end up in jail?As it turns out, a lot of them are scumbags. As of March 2018, she held about 165k and about 59k followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. Home > Entertainment > Television. Share the best GIFs now >>> Jan 19, 2018 · Investigators say they found the dismantled truck of a Dade City Police officer in a garage 5 months after reporting the truck stolen in Polk County and receiving an insurance check for about $25,000. The defendant, of Orchard Drive, Longbridge, told police “the devil made me do it” after his arrest. Posted on April 15, 2020, at 12:26 p. M Squad. according to online jail records. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “I know if it goes in a crazy way and Joe doesn’t get elected, he’s going to say to people everybody calm down. James Potok was arrested and charged after he announced to the plane's passengers that he had been near Wuhan and was 'not feeling too well. Mar 08, 2020 · Oluronbi will spend the next 34 years in jail. Jun 04, 2019 · The YouTuber is unlikely to go to jail as Spanish law usually allows sentences under two years for first-time offenders to be suspended. Silva Sentenced To 364 Days In Jail, 5 Years Probation For Crash That Killed YouTuber Corey La Barrie. Reports state that Stas Reeflay faces up to two years in prison if convicted for his girlfriend's death. May 31, 2020 · Youtuber Olivia Jade’s Parents Change Plea To Guilty – Heading To Jail! By R. “Abdallah . at the mall simply to capture what was going on and potentially use it as&. Jan 05, 2020 · DaBaby is a free man again -- of sorts -- because he's been released from jail, but he's not out of the woods. Ties Granzier, 20,. As Steven was a minor at that time, police released . May 29, 2020 · May. Federal prosecutors say the former Trump aide "has sought to blame almost every other person and entity involved in his case. Oct 31, 2020 · KOCHI: The High Court on Friday criticised dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi and two other women activists, Diya Sana and Sreelakshmi Arakkal, who attacked controversial YouTuber Vijay Nair, by taking. 7k. While Kyle worked with guns almost non-stop to create content for his YouTube channel, the weapons weren’t the reason why he was sentenced to two months prison in June 2019. 18 Sep 2019. 2020. Dec 27, 2019 · Moroccan authorities have sentenced a Youtuber who criticized the king to prison, and detained a journalist-activist who defended anti-government protesters in a tweet. 3 Dec 2020. A young Russian YouTube star who goes by the name Sokolovsky was arrested two months back for playing Pokemon Go in a church. Dec 16, 2020 · I do not wanna go to jail and I don’t want any of my friends that I met around the Twitch Community to go to jail. In what appears to be the latest in a long line of YouTube stunts going horribly wrong, Reeflay Panini has been arrested. Ahmed Hassan and his wife Zainab were arrested at their residence in a. Share icon SHARE. February 21, 2020 ·2 min read. 21 Feb 2020. Instead, they ended up in a Nevada jail. ScottsdalePD (@ScottsdalePD) June 4, 2020. Russian YouTuber facing prison for playing Pokémon Go. All but Lachin was accused of going more than 100 mph. Nov 10, 2017 · With Black's mother reportedly gearing up for a lawsuit against the Bureau of Prisons, he was temporarily transferred from FCI Miami to a federal prison in Oklahoma City in January 2020. By CBSLA Staff August 25, 2020 at . In the last year alone, internet personalities Prettyboyfredo, King Cid, Ray Diaz, and Fetty Potter have all had major run-ins with the law, but former gamer Starlit Zhao, who went by JinBop online, is reportedly still behind bars for crimes he committed in 2016. The social media influencer Jake Paul has been charged with. 3 Feb 2021. So far, no information regarding Peaches’ arrest is available on the Internet, albeit people are demanding the arrest as soon as possible. Jun 03, 2019 · Ryan Kaji, 9, earns $29. — Two Dutch friends said they just wanted a good look at the mysterious Area 51 before leaving the US, but they . By Allison Cacich. 2 million ) in one year. Sep 28, 2020 · Onmanorama Staff September 28, 2020 11:00 AM IST Dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi said that the law of the land favors criminals. Despite everything we've been going through this past year and still going through God. Dec 12, 2020. At the 12th Annual Shorty Awards in 2020, Donaldson won YouTuber of the Year. there was a sort of perception or a stigma: I thought no, you have to go to film school. Central · birmingham. YouTube Prankster Reset could be sentenced to 2 years in prison for his homeless prank. Barnet On May 31, 2020 Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. could get some real prison time; after police say they endangered lives with two alleged fake bank . When people who deserve each other. 5 May 2019. (PrestonPlayz, Jelly, SSSniperWolf). June 4, 2020, 4:30 PM UTC /. 13, 2020 Andrei Pyzh Vkontakte A Russian YouTuber famous for exploring abandoned sites was arrested and charged with obtaining state secrets last week, authorities and activists said. Tillis has taken thousands and thousands of dollars from the entertainment … May 15, 2020 · Brutal Injury Photos from YouTuber Vitaly's Alleged Attack On Woman YouTube Star Vitaly Alleged Victim's Brutal Injury Photos. /. Oluronbi was arrested at Birmingham Airport last May, while trying to leave the country for Nigeria. Tana Mongeau really said “ send me a picture that you voted for Biden and I will send you a nude” LMAO AND now she may go to jail what a legend 😂 so worth going to jail bc she got 10,000 of. Vitaly was arrested April 12 for allegedly assaulting a woman in Miami Beach while she was jogging by herself. Jan 02, 2020 · Leftist YouTuber ContraPoints Explains Why Cancel Culture Mobs Should Drop the Pitchforks. By: PTI | Mumbai | September 30, 2020 1:57:59 pm. No, Lovely Peaches did not get arrested. 27 Jan 2020. 26 Jun 2020. Mar 11, 2020 · Harvey Weinstein was sentenced Wednesday in a New York courtroom to 23 years in prison, the culmination of a case that fueled the global #MeToo movement and encouraged women to speak out against. Dec 18, 2020 · Who Goes to Jail? One Governor’s Perverse Answer We have often written here about Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and, among other things, his irrational response to the COVID virus. com) Sep 28, 2020 · Trump listed this ripoff as a $26. G. Jul 31, 2020 · Jul. And I am saying this knowing that this is something people in this country have been talking and talking and talking about. A Huge YouTuber Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Attacking A Woman Out For A Jog. Shaun Attwood (born 28 October 1968) is an English former ecstasy trafficker turned YouTuber, speaker, activist and author. 28. 21 Sep 2019. In 2017, Middleton topped the Forbes list of Highest-Paid YouTube Stars, earning $16. In April 2020, Zdorovetskiy was arrested and later charged for aggravated battery by Miami Beach Police. Dec 10, 2018 · This goes without mentioning a host of other unknown crimes investigators could be attempting to tie to the president. ScottsdalePD (@ Scot. Controversial YouTubersare YouTubers that have been exposed to predatory and/or. By the time followers realized what was going on and discovered all of their money was gone — and in some cases, the . The good news is that the bill is not guaranteed and would have to go through a long process before becoming law in the. Ruslan Sokolovsky playing . The corrupt must go to jail. 04/12/ 2020 21:27 CET. as ImJayStation on YouTube, claims to have a warrant out for his arrest. YouTuber Jake Paul Criminally Charged by Police After Arizona Mall. In this article, check out some of the YouTube stars who broke the law and got arrested for their thirst to get more views on their YouTube video. 26, and impounded. Dec 11, 2020 · All content would face some form of suppression in order to avoid jail time. The father and son pled guilty to one count of second-degree unsworn falsification, which is a misdemeanor. He regularly documents his life on social media and travels with a team. YouTuber Austin Jones pleads guilty to child pornography, facing prison time. storming dates, and we just wanted… to go there,” Sweep told KTNV. Nov 27, 2020 · So, instead of the 2020 map becoming even more red as it should have, the Democrats implemented a strategy of unparalleled election fraud to turn all the key battleground states blue. Trump Threatens To Jail Obama And Biden For Treason If He Wins. 20 Sep 2019. These YouTubers were sent to jail for reasons well, we will let them. Modified 07 Dec 2020. 8 million subscribers on her channel. A 33-year-old `YouTuber' has been arrested by the cyber cell of Mumbai Police from Delhi for allegedly . ItsFunneh is also incredibly popular on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well. Jan 27, 2021 · Billy Altidor, 28, and Evanie Louis, 27, pleaded guilty last year to charges of conspiracy to commit theft of government funds and aggravated identity theft. 26, 2020, 7:05 AM PDT. ReSet jailed for 15 months: YouTuber to pay €20,000 in damages after filming homeless man eating. watch "park south freestyle" music video 👉🏼 https://youtu. LINCOLN COUNTY, Nev. be/q_xnx_-nqioheres why i jake paul actually went to jail. Indonesian YouTuber jailed for handing fake food packages to trans-gendered individuals. Sep 27, 2020 · Youtuber assault row: Case against artist Bhagyalakshmi, activists in Kerala triggers social media outrage The police have been accused of siding with Vijay after they filed non-bailable cases. • May 20, 2020. 7 Aug 2020. ET Earlier this month, YouTuber Billy " Billy B " Altidor began his two-year prison sentence at a jail in South Carolina. — Pescatore News Network #QUARANTINED SINCE 3/7 (@JoshPescatore) February 4, 2020 As a result, in mid-March the YouTuber will go to testify in court on two counts of abuse. Jul 21, 2020 · Jul. 2 Jun 2019. Updated : 2020-12-15 09:12. The Dubai Court has sentenced a famous Dubai-based, 18-year-old YouTuber to six months in jail for Hashish consumption. Two Dutch friends said they just wanted a good look at the mysterious Area 51 before leaving the US, but they ended up in a Nevada jail, . The coup that failed, Joe Biden is going to go to jail, the left media follows the disaster. 11 May 2020. Details: Farzanah Farveen logo: 12 May 2020. Squad channel managed to become famous for its content where parents Billy Altidor, 28, and Evanie Louis, 27, recorded themselves doing. YouTuber who posted vulgar videos arrested. By Matthew Hendrickson@MHendricksonCST Oct 16, 2020, 4:22pm CDT. At least 20 people have been arrested in the incident, part of widespread unrest. ly/bravecrewofficialIn this episode, Coyote is in West Virginia and he's getting BUST. A video went viral on Saturday 9 May 2020 showing Ferdian Paleka, a self- declared YouTube “prankster”, and his friend being abused by . These YouTubers Might Be Going To JAIL. Sep 18, 2019 · On Monday, Govert Sweep, 21, and Ties Granzier, 20, were sentenced to a year in county jail, following their 10 September arrest in Nevada. 17 Sep 2020. Friday June 26, 2020, 8:11 AM. He has also been ordered to close his YouTube and social. Nov 14, 2020 · Joe Biden is Jail Biden and the animal media companies lose the public plus the money, possibly, the US government, Supreme Court, Congress, and Senate can react against the left media. RELATED TOPICS · Ted Cruz's Tweet About California Energy Shortages Comes Back To Haunt Him · Trump Goes After Mitch McConnell, Calls . SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! 👕 INTERNET SENSATION SHIRTS 👕 http://www. But privately, a handful of days after the. The rapper posted $1,500 and bailed out of Miami-Dade county jail late Saturday night. 213,570 views213K views. That he may. Time spent on the app grew by 20% in September 2020 compared with a year earlier. YouTubers Alan (left) and Alex Stokes have been charged with false. He told his girlfriend, Tricia Best, to call the police. (thedawnmedia. ” One concurred, “Congrats on being the new villain of 2020 Thom, and we thought net neutrality was a crime. 28 Feb 2020 7:40 PM As of March 2018, the Canadian YouTuber has successfully garnered over 1. 12 May 2020. On Sunday, the . by Brett Foote December 10, 2020, 10:36 am 3 Comments. On their family channel, B. 18 May 2020, 05:34pm . Daniel Silva attends the Ink Master Season 10 Finale at the Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort. Youtuber Steven Fernandez got arrested after he used his celebrity status to sexually exploit an underage girl. M. Feb 10, 2021 · About Youtuber Corruption Behind Bars is dedicated to protecting everyone behind the prison walls and giving everyone from the prison staff to the inmates the opportunity to go home safe. Top 10 YouTubers That Went To PrisonSubscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: http://bit. DOJ recommends Michael Flynn be jailed for up to 6 months. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Trump In Jail animated GIFs to your conversations. was sentenced to 364 days in jail for a fatal car crash in May that killed YouTuber Corey La Barr. By PA Media Lawyer  . Went into hiding. print dictionary + A - A print . YouTuber jailed for 'despicable' threat to bomb hospital treating COVID patients. In July 2015, he was listed as one of the most popular YouTubers in the world by viewership. m. the incident at Scottsdale Fashion Square in May, 2020,” it read. E. Join the Brave Crew official club - http://bit. Media Law · News · Social media. Russian YouTuber arrested after being culpable in girlfriend's death. T. ET "We were filming a new video and it did not go as planned," reads the opening card on a NELK YouTube video titled "Jesse from NELK is in JAIL. 1 million charitable donation but, of course, it was a massive and very illegal case of tax evasion, both state and federal and one Trump may well face prison for along with his family, as all were involved. December 28, 2020. 14 Dec 2020. Nov 03, 2020 · 3 Nov 2020 Joy Behar predicted Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that President Donald Trump would “go to jail” once he leaves office. world A YouTuber Is Going To Prison For Playing Pokémon Go In A Church The university student could face up to five years in prison. I\'m sure that for those few who do make it big enough to make a. YouTubers arrested Area 51. ly/2Ibyk6iSubscribe To Top 10 Hindi: https://bit. She was also rumored to be arrested for that video. ly/2EbuhJrBecome A Most Ama. As the 52-year-old man - named by authorities as Gheorge L. He captioned the video “america is in ruins” and “what can we do,” then . Feb 20, 2020 · President Donald Trump's friend Roger Stone was sentenced to more than three years in prison for crimes related to lying to Congress and tampering with a witness. up to four years in state prison for their role in two fake bank robberies. ' Feb 28, 2020 · YouTuber Michelle Grace Says She ‘Beat The Crap Out’ Of Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Over Some Makeup. i need to be honest with you guys😃 su. 20 LeafyisHere Calvin Lee Vail, also known as Leafy or LeafyIsHere, is an American former YouTuber and former Twitch streamer who, from the years 2011 to 2020, made reaction, drama, and let's play videos but is mostly known for commentary. Jun 04, 2020 · YouTuber Jake Paul has been charged with trespassing after he entered a looted mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 30. He was jailed again in 2016 for “wounding religious feelings” over his social&nbs. Jan 07, 2020 · Legal. 17 Apr 2018. Jun 02, 2019 · A YouTube star who pranked a homeless man by filling an Oreo cookie with toothpaste was sentenced on Friday to 15-months in prison and now owes $22,300 to his victim. B. An Australian YouTuber is facing up to seven years in jail and a $1 million. The former Chinese resident, who now lives in Barcelona, Spain,. 6 YouTubers Who Got SENT TO JAIL! (Jelly, DanTDM, Morgz, MrBeast) in todays video we look at youtubers who went to jail. YouTuber Gabi DeMartino has been suspended from OnlyFans after. A judge has sentenced former YouTuber Austin Jones to ten years in prison after he pled guilty to one count of "receipt of child pornography". com In January 2020, Zdorovetskiy was arrested and spent five days in an Egyptian jail after climbing the Pyramids of Giza. June 3, 2019 7:49 pm(Updated October 8, 2020 2:28 pm ). 21 2020, Updated 9:05 a. A. She did, and as she was on the line with the 911 operator, Best heard shots ring out. ” Jan 06, 2006 · Dixon says the burglar then moved toward him. Oct 31, 2020 · Posted on Sat, Oct 31st, 2020 Sat, Oct 31st, 2020 by Jason Easley. ET Cosplayer and bathwater seller Belle Delphine interrupted her regularly scheduled programming to let her followers know one major life update: she was arrested. M Squad, Billy and his fiancée, Eva, explained why they had both been arrested in February 2019 and gave updates on the current status of their legal troubles. He is to appear in court at Old City Hall on Monday, March 16, 2020, at 2 pm YouTuber Jason "ImJayStation" Ethier has claimed in his latest video that a warrant has been issued for his arrest by. 31 2020, Published 3:52 p. Austin Jones Sentenced to 10 Years For many, making it as a YouTube personality is one of the biggest dreams you could hope for. Silva was arrested on a murder charge in the crash Sunday night of a 2020 McLaren 600LT,. Rachael Krishna BuzzFeed News Reporter Victor Stepanov BuzzFeed Contributor Jul 03, 2020 · Lovely Peaches Jail Arrest 2020, Was Peaches Arrested? Is Peaches In Jail? Did Peaches Get Arrested? Did Lovely Peaches Get Arrested? Fact Check. ET. Jun 02, 2019 · Kanghua Ren, better known as Youtube personality ReSet, drew criticism in 2017 when he posted video of himself offering a homeless man in Barcelona 20 euros to eat Oreos that had toothpaste in them. August 7, 2020. YouTubers pull many tricks to generate virality among their videos. SHARES. The pair, who run the B. By Shakiel Mahjouri. Dec 28, 2020 · In October 2020, Zoe Laverne’s TikTok video kissing an underaged fan Connor Joyce, 13, created a huge controversy. ImJayStation, a YouTuber with 5. “Maybe I've gone a bit far, but look at the positive side: This will help him clean his teeth,” the China-born YouTuber (then 19) known as ReSet . Squad were sentenced to prison and to pay a compensation fine for stealing government funds and personal data. Photo by Billy Bentley on December 25, 2020. ” Mar 18, 2020 · Billy Altidor and Evanie Louis, the parents at the popular YouTube channel B. He was arrested under Article 282 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code which prohibits “incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as abasement of human dignity” and carries a prison sentence of up to five years. Monday. But as other YouTubers have found out the hard way, sometimes, you can go a bit too far for clicks. 5 million (about GB£12. Charges were pressed against Bhagyalakshmi and two other women who assaulted Youtuber Vijay P Nair for making derogatory remarks against women. Zdorovetskiy allegedly tackled a female jogger and struck her multiple times in the head and chest. Reeflay was arrested almost immediately afterwards, and due to the obvious. But what happens if Trump is voted out of office in 2020?. May be an image. Nov 12, 2020 · — Howie Carr (@HowieCarrShow) November 11, 2020 Since Lin said this was an attack for nearly 20 years, that leads us to believe there’s WAY MORE corruption and crimes happening beyond the scope of this 2020 election. Article continues below advertisement Aug 13, 2020 · Updated: Aug. Jul 24, 2020 · BILLY and Bam Bam Brown from Alaskan Bush People went to jail for lying on Permanent Fund dividend applications. 29 Jan 2021. As I looked out into the future I felt there is an overwhelming presence coming to crush and destroy him. 26 Aug 2020. If Trump wins the 2020 presidential election, will members of his campaign go to jail again? Who will it be?Meet the woman who ties Jeffrey Epstein to Trump. Ethier is scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on Monday, March 16, 2020, at 2:00 p. Prisons often give disproportionately harsher punishments for minor offenses to women than to men, according to a new federal report that backs up the findings of an earlier NPR investigation. She was born in Indiana, the United States. 3K; 5/15/2020 12:20 AM PT Here are 7 huge YouTubers like PrestonPlayz and Jelly, who you didn't know went to jail. So did dozens of other YouTubers from across South Korea,. Jul 30, 2020 · People must go to jail. 16 Oct 2020. CAIRO: Egyptian YouTubers Ahmad Hassan and his wife Zeinab could face a. 10K 115. to "arrest" Ethier, who then said he has to call his lawyer. It started out as an impossible feat of mass malfeasance and shocking skullduggery that almost fooled the nation into believing Biden won. 970,758 views970K views. 18 Dec 2020. 4 Dic 2020. They will only serve three days if they agree to pay. Stop threatening us, please I am begging you @ThomTillis #stopDMCA. than 10,000 people have been arrested in US unrest, according to a tally compiled by the Associated Press. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:, September 28, 2020 21:03 IST. YouTuber Jake Paul has been charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly during. 20 May 2020. The video, titled "Russian Hitman Prank Gone Wrong," is still online and has more than 3 million. He has won several Kids' Choice Awards and set Guinness World Records for his gaming and presenting. 4 million subscribers, has been called out for a hoax video he put out a week ago. intern. Belmont Lay | May 09, 2020, 07:06 PM. to nab alleged pedophiles have gone viral on YouTube and TikTok,. For more on cancel culture, read my 2019 year-end review. A woman. 12 Dec 2020. Apr 20, 2018 · YouTuber Kanghua Ren, who films under the name ReSet, faces up to two years in jail for the prank he pulled on a homeless man. broadcasts, they "would bring justice to bear on him personally" as the jail term was too lenient consi. up toward the end of the video as she promised fans, “I'm going to grow . YouTuber Billy B Is Behind Bars After Guilty Plea. This video and others of a similar nature that he had posted in recent weeks have gone viral with lakhs of views. Gauk-Roger and Scottie Andrew, CNN; Posted Aug 6, 2020; Posted Aug 6, 2020; 0. . On Wednesday, the FBI raided the YouTuber's home just as Arizona police. Blogger, YouTuber and all around “internet troll” Amos Yee allegedly. 2 Nov 2020. 2. fandom. 28 Sep 2020. He was also one of the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2020, alongside other famous YouTubers such as Markiplier, Ryan's World and Blippi. His wife, who assisted in the assaults, received an 11-year sentence. Ruslan Sokolovsky playing Pokemon Go. Three men, including a YouTuber, have been arrested for allegedly killing a 26- year-old man here five days ago, the Noida Police said on . Unlike Jordanian director Ameen Nayfeh's “200 Meters” (2020) — an. She told . YOUTUBER ARRESTED FOR SCAMMING YOUNG FOLLOWERS. " The video, which was originally posted in November 2018 and has almost 4 million views, shows NELK member Jesse Sebastiani being handcuffed and put into a police car. 29 2020, Published 1:51 p. 25 Aug 2020. Indonesia YouTuber faces 12 years' jail for making prank video of giving garbage -filled 'donations'. 10,761 / 115 . June 19, 2020. youtuber goes to jail 2020