vietnam reenactment groups We are a Vietnam Reenactment group located primarily in PA. Civil War – September TBA, 155th Anniversary Civil War Reenactment and Encampment Weekend, Historic Zoar Village, Zoar, OH. After involvement in "Dark Ages" Anglo-Saxon re-enactment around twenty years ago, I gave up the Living History hobby, having sworn to avoid the petty politics of different groups encountered along the way. I may be going out on a Forum for those interested in accurate Vietnam impressions and re-enactment using Airsoft. (Airmobile) But it is rare to see a reenactment event of the Vietnam War. Always looking for new members to represent the American fighting man in Vietnam. We are back! 2 dates have been confirmed for the last patrol. Re-enactors from the 2/327th Vietnam Re-Enactment Group show what a typical Vietnam War encampment looked like during a re-enactment earlier this year in Peoria. B (Irish Brigade Reenactors) 54th Massachusetts Company B . Then there is the Asociacion Recreacionista Medieval Escandinava from Argentina. Always looking for new members to represent the American fighting man in Vietnam. Vietnam Reenactors, A Co. The group is not particularly large but it has a lot of kit, weapons and vehicles, including a Panhard AML-60, which is an armoured car with a turret-mounted 60mm mortar. http://vietnamairsoft. Changes will be made within two working days of receipt of the email, excluding weekends and holidays. I've had hardly any luck finding anything around this area. Note: All photos were taken with my vintage Argus C3 35mm camera. 538 likes. Found. Share Followers 0. Thank you. 1st Cavalry Div. (Airmobile) This group is to show impressions and ask questions about any Vietnam era kits. " We are a group of living historians that portray Charlie Company - 1st Battalion - 27th Infantry Regiment - 25th Infantry Division ( "C" co. S. This page is for the 2/327th Vietnam re-enactment group. - DAVE GATHMAN, FOR THE Daily Herald In addition to Pennington's group, about A small group of men maneuver through the dense bushes, each clad in standard-issue Army-olive drab, each with a loaded rifle. For the second year in a row, the Vietnam War re-enactment group Dogs of War will be featured during the museum’s weekend open house. MHN was surprised to discover three such groups, Aurok Viking Reenactment and Fight Group, Varmesjord Combate Vikingo, and Cuervos de Odin Viking Reenactment Group, that hail from Chile. Your guide to military history reenactments, living history events, and open air displays. WWII Reenacting Groups, Units, and Organizations If you have any additions or changes please email them to WWII Dog Tags . Page 2 | List of Reenactment Festivals 2021 - 2022 Reinactment of the ambush of Hanna’s Town, PA. 1/7th Cav. click on "Patrol events" above . IN COUNTRY Op-Docs Script REV - 11/4/14 In reenactment. We are an Association of Living History (Reenacting) Groups, Museums, and Educational Groups dedicated to keeping the memory alive of all who served their Military with Honor, no matter what Nation. 25th ID. Vinh Nguyen served in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. 85 likes. Always looking for new members to represent the American fighting man in Vietnam. A little misshaped but will regain its shape if put into an m1 steel helmet. Please do your part to help the group stay on topic and on Vietnam. We are a Vietnam Reenactment group located primarily in PA. Why? Seems to me there was also a reenactment group in Britain several years ago that choose the 9th Division Viet Nam. amayhew70@comcast. (Airmobile) I have seen many great VN displays and impressions in person, and here on the forum. Net is THE on-line clearing-house for reenactors of all periods from around the world!. Vietnam War Living History Re-enactors 2/327th Vietnam Re-enactment Group. 967 likes. In the 1st Cavalry Division's area of operation, the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Vietcong forces struck the Marines at Hue, south of Camp Evans. The term was picked up by George Gorman of the 2nd North Carolina at the Centennial Manassas Reenactment in 1961, and has been used by reenactors since. 2. The CHG, founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1992, is a non-profit organization that is recognized by the Department of Defense as a World War Two educational and reenactment organization. Each show will culminate in a reenactment of a combat scenario typical of the war in 1968. Our aim is to depict the Vietnam conflict with accuracy and to educate the public by engaging fully with them. There will be over 300 re-enactors representing several branches of Allied and Axis military participating in an amazing re-enactment. CREDIT: 2/327th Vietnam Re-Enactment Group That will happen this summer as the 2/327th Vietnam Re-Enactment Group holds the first annual “Return to the A Shau” Vietnam public event from Friday, July 22, to Sunday, July 24, at Camp Big Timber in Elgin. Joel I'm a big WWII history buff and have a growing interest in the Vietnam conflict. Kummerow, a member of "The Black Hats, CSA" reenactment group in the early 1960s, he first heard it used as a form of fake German to describe a fellow reenactor. The group is based out of Pennsylvania and uses real Email at dwpzrg@yahoo. Vietnam Reenacting Looking For Groups Hey all, I'm looking for some Vietnam reenacting groups in, or close to Wisconsin, I'm not sure where to look that's accurate so I figured here would be the best. side. We are living historians who are doing our best to honor the brave men who served in the Vietnam War and educate the I'd spent the better part of the past 10 months embedded with a series of historical re-enactment groups in an effort to learn about history and one of America's quirkiest hobbies. This is a trove of random knowledge I have accumulated for Re-enactors who want to portray the standard frontoviki of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. Welcome to WWII Reenacting WWIIReenacting. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Vietnam Battle Re-enactment, performed by the Rolling Thunder re-enactment group, at the Hop Farm War & Peace Show 2017. สนับสนุนโดย - Clapscene Film Bangkok - Reenactor Café - คาเฟ่จำลองประวัติศาสตร์ - ป. Period Machetes are cute and cool to have in a collection. We do not recreate public battles. Apache Troop 1/9 - 1st Cav Vietnam Reenactors. Be sure to check out their photos section which is quite impressive. com or vacarolinamha@yahoo. Thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk We are a Vietnam Reenactment group located primarily in PA. Don’t miss seeing a different era in reenacting. A, C, & H 28 th Massachusetts, Co. We are a Vietnam Reenactment group located primarily in PA. Brothers in Vietnam Reenactment Group. Always looking for new members to represent the American fighting man in Vietnam. we will be in punta gorda on march the 27th and Melbourne Fl on April the 17th, usual places, usual times. ) during the Vietnam War. There are depictions of Italian parachute forces by re-enactment groups such as the Mediterraneo Group, which specialises in the Italian army. Recorded & Edited by Jebb Bobbett. There will be many camps set up at the location that show exactly how the Palmyra battles happened, and mock battles and demonstrations are set to take place. This is a relatively small group but they have all the uniform, helmets and weapons to show what this unit looked like and present a remarkable display. You must be registered to post on the forums. All these men carried real guns, loaded with blanks. I thought about putting his under Reproductions, but since the purpose hee is to show what you use while reenacting I thought it would be best put h Member groups receive a link to their group page or can have a group page designed for them. Is named. to 4 p. , UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and Australia. reenacting groups & repro gear Are you a reenactor and want to connect with other reenactors or just share pictures and information about your reenacting group and reproduction uniforms and gear? Stop by here! Although the group he belongs to is focused primarily on World War II, many members also have reenactment kits from other eras, including the Vietnam War. James Reily, 4th Texas Cavalry, 18th Texas Infantry regimental history and muster roll, Phillip About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Vietnam War Reenactments groups wish to honor the veterans of the war and to promote awareness and educate the public. We are a Vietnam War living history/reenacting group that portrays the 1st Squadron/9th Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division. Then they are shown in a mission briefing, going over maps and taking notes. Last month, there was chaos at the Oak Hill Manor, a retirement home on Hudson Street, when Vietnam veterans at the home were confused by the violently realistic reenactors. 395 likes. Throughout the event the Viet Cong reenactors attempt to ambush the American reenactors on patrol. However, there were groups of guys who wanted to understand what it was actually like, to really be in WWII. Kisatchie National Forest, Provencal, Louisiana (June 23–25, 2017) There are an estimated 850,000 living Vietnam veterans, and the Living History Re-enactment New site for UK based Living History Association / Re-enactment group who's impressions are based on the LRRP'S / LRP's / Rangers of the 101st Airbourne Division who served their country in Vietnam between the years of 1965 to 1971. net. 967 likes. It’s not typical necessarily of a Vietnam reenactment group to have so many recent vets and active military people. (Airmobile) Name Tapes & Tags Novelty Items Outerwear Pants & Shorts Patches, Rank, & Insignia by State Posters POW-MIA Items Reenactment & Historical Items ROTC~JROTC Sunglasses, Eyewear, & Goggles Tactical Clothing Tactical Gear T-Shirts Womens Clothing Our group, and dozens like it, hope to help folks understand World War II, its impact, and its relevance to modern day events. 1st Cavalry Div. Back then, it wasn't "cool" to cut your hair short or even to wear military uniforms. The reenactment group has a permanent site in the Colorado Rocky Mountains which is depicted here along with their many other activities. Vietnam War reenactors strive to make everything authentic, even for those acting as the Vietnamese. I. It includes an encampment showing what life was like for the Americans who fought in Vietnam. Although the Texas Army and Air National Guard were not mobilized for Vietnam, many individual Guardsmen volunteered for duty there and many Vietnam veterans became Guardsmen after the war. Reporting posts: This group is an attempt to have a social relationship with others. Re-enacting the Vietnam War Each year in Oregon, a group of men gather to re-create a war that so many Americans have tried to forget. WW II Historical Reenactment Society: The original national reenacting society. We are a non-profit organization with the goal of accurately portraying a 1967 infantry squad "in country", while educating the public about the valiant men who fought and died for our freedom. Sergeant Vinh Nguyen, who served with the 25th Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), is part of the group that reenacts Vietnam War missions. Great condition. Vietnam War Post Era M1 Helmet Liner Shell. They had two Vietnam vets, including the South Vietnamese guy, Vinh, and then Vietnam Reenacting Looking For Groups Hey all, I'm looking for some Vietnam reenacting groups in, or close to Wisconsin, I'm not sure where to look that's accurate so I figured here would be the best. Im looking for a Vietnam War Reenactment Group to join! I love history and the military. On the outset and within a very superficial level, this group of brothers exists to host, exhibit and maintain the highest and most professional level of Vietnam War reenactment and displays 9th Texas Infantry - Red River Battalion-The 9th Texas Infantry is a reenacting group dedicated to the realistic depiction of Confederate troops in the Red River Battalion in the American Civil War. Always looking for new members to represent the American fighting man in Vietnam. Today, he reenacts the Vietnam War with the men of Delta 2/5(R), a group of Iraq War soldiers and military enthusiasts. Reenacting WWII has come a long way since its origins in 1975. Based in North Carolina with Member Units in the bordering states, we are a Federal 501 (c)3 Charitable Non-profit Organization. On April 30, 1975, the capital of South Vietnam, Saigon, fell to the communist forces of North Vietnam, effectively ending the war. The recorded military history of Puerto Rico encompasses the period from the 16th century, when Spanish conquistadores battled native Taínos in the rebellion of 1511, to the present employment of Puerto Ricans in the United States Armed Forces in the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. Vietnam Reenactors, A Co. They take part in living history and battle reenactments across the country, all year round and having met the guys personally, they're extremely knowledgable and look the part. Condition is "New". US Vietnam - Uniforms - Epic Militaria JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. My Great Grand Father Charles Wesley Bullock served with the 35th Indiana Regiment during the Civil War, and by chance, that was the Regiment chosen by a group of re-enactors out of The event, organized by 2/327th Vietnam Re-Enactment Group, continues 9 a. ปืน The reenactment held thousands of spectators and nearly one thousand reenactors, along with American landing crafts, jeeps, tanks, and a German 88mm Flak gun which was used in battle in World War 20 th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Harvard Regiment (Reenactors from Austria and Germany) 25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 28 th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Co. The CHG’s is a non-political organization whose sole purpose is to preserve World War Two history through uniform, equipment and vehicle restorations, static displays, and historical reenactments. Registration is $10. Perfect for reenactors, museums, airsoft Assorted Reenactment Related Sites. Both of us are veteran Confederate reenactors with our own gear that have been out of reenacting for awhile. Vietnam Reenactors, A Co. 1st Cavalry Div. Combat reenactment, living history, TV and film work, education work, research Historia Normannis UK France USA: Middle Ages: 1100 1215 Combat reenactment, living history Historical Maritime Society UK: Modern: 1805 AD 1945 AD Combat reenactment, living history, naval The Medieval Siege Society UK: War of the Roses: 1350 AD 1490 AD The Vietnam Memorial War Foundation Museum will host its sixth annual Memorial Day weekend open house May 24-26 with hands-on displays and a reenactment group. Great bunch of guys. The Pacific Northest Historical Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving WWII history through reenacting and living history On the weekend of 13 and 14 September, 2013, a tactical event was held, themed on Vietnam in 1968. 1st Cavalry Division Re-Enactment Group. com. WHAT: The Collings Foundation is hosting a WWII reenactment and WWII Veterans round-table discussion October 10th and 11th. The group has participated in several events throughout the Vietnam reenactors in Southern California? military. McGee said he and a group started Vietnam War reenacting for their love of Vietnam War history and love for those who had fought there. 00 prior to August 18, $15. The group is the focus of a new documentary, In Country. Rolling Thunder is one of Europe’s biggest Living History and reenactment groups. a Vietnam reenactment lacks the distance that neuters the violence. Per ulteriori For discussion about anything to do with Vietnam War Re-enactment or the Vietnam War. com. m. Dated 1976, but will work perfectly fine for display of Vietnam war reenacting. Under Allied command, American, British and French units work as a team to win the battle and the war. Re-enactments of famous wars and battles is a fairly common occurrence in this country. We are a Vietnam Reenactment group located primarily in PA. The document has moved here. All members benefit when unsuitable posts are reported and flagged. Attie says there was a joke in his high We went to North Carolina where a group of war vets and history buffs realistically reenact the Vietnam War. Il Club concentra i suoi sforzi nella ricostruzione storica del periodo tra il 1960 e il 1975, rievocando diversi reparti coinvolti. We are a Living History Group based in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U. Banner Pic Photo Credit: Itinerant Dispatches Photography The 9th Reenactment Society is a group of non-political enthusiasts of history. com/ - 2483 Reenactment Group - Siamese Military Uniform - Pad1968 Vietnam Reenactment Group - Bankoku 18th Fuhyoushidan - バンコク第十八歩兵師団. This is a list of groups engaged in historical reenactment. Sunday. The WW II Historical Preservation Federation: East-coast reenactment society (puts on the annual Battle of the Bulge at Ft. Tigerland Tactical Vietnam Event. by The group faced some opposition after being found in people’s backyards. 4 million military personnel were killed in the war (of which 6 percent were members of the United States armed forces), while estimates of civilian fatalities range up to 2 million. Vietnam War Uniforms, Field Gear, Insignia, M1956, M1967, Reenactor, Jungle Fatigues, Jungle Boots, Flak, Helmet, M16 You have just entered the home page of the "First Hounds. The 80-minute film, in theaters Friday, follows a group of Vietnam War reenactors as they traipse through the Oregon woods, pretending to engage in firefights or to mow down the enemy. Vietnam Reenactors, A Co. Rag Tag Crew (Sweden, South) We are a group who like re-enactment and living history. I would like to give a word of caution based on a startling trend I am beginning to see. In addition, member groups in good standing are eligible for event coverage under the group’s insurance policy. Over the last 50 years war reenactment has gone f REENACTING GROUPS & REPRO GEAR ; vietnam reenactment vietnam reenactment. In Country opens with men in 1960s green US Army uniforms sitting in an orientation session. I plan on joining the Marine Corps in '09 (so Vietnam War Reenactment CZ. But their use in the field was minimal. 1st Cavalry Div. Vietnam Reenacting Looking For Groups Hey all, I'm looking for some Vietnam reenacting groups in, or close to Wisconsin, I'm not sure where to look that's accurate so I figured here would be the best. For specialized units such as tankers, snipers etc This is a military reenactment group oriented towards combat impressions in the field. Today these events are remembered by the Southwest based group known as the French Army Re-enactment Group (FARG). List of historical reenactment groups. 1/7th Cav. Constant exposure to the military, and nightly reports on a remote war in a country called Vietnam presumably left their mark. try and stay on topic and if you see spam report it. Members of the 1st Michigan Engineers Civil War Reenacting group came to the Niles Historical Society's museum on Sunday, May 24 to show off historic informs, weapons and equipment American Two soldiers help a downed pilot to a rescue helicopter during a reenactment of a Vietnam War air assault on Saturday at Berkeley Lake, in Gwinnett County. We setup a display of historical items and uniforms for educational purposes much like a traveling museum. History buffs can join about 50 re-enactors the 4th weekend in June, as log cabins and taverns come alive on the Pennsylvania frontier in the waning days of the American Revolution. 4th Infantry Division Reenactment Group; 6th Cavalry Group; 9th Infantry Division, 39th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Easy Company; Tenth Mountain Division. MACV-SOG Living History Group and it aims to faithfully portray the units of MACV-SOG (Military Assistance & Command Vietnam Studies & Observation Group) in the period of 1964-1972 during the Vietnam conflict. According to Burton K. 00 between August 18 and September 8, or $20 World War II Reenactor net WWII reenacting at its best. List of historical reenactment groups: | This is a list of groups engaged in |historical reenactment|. Over 1. 7972 Distinct Links Please support our Link Partners by visiting them. Another club, the Hednir Viking Reenactment Project, is Brazilian. Rick Pennington and members of the 2/327th Vietnam Re-Enactment Group are holding a re-enactment in Elgin this weekend. Stan takes Steve to a Vietnam War reenactment before Steve sings the National Anthem to a veteran's group, but the experience changes Steve in ways that Stan never anticipated. Rekonstrukce dobového tábora US Army z období Vietnamského konfliktu 1965-75 . All things relevant to Vietnam War are permitted within the following guidelines. The new documentary 'In Country' introduces a group of Vietnam War reenactors. A smaller group of men play the Viet Cong. The aim of the group is to understand the missions MACV-SOG undertook during the Vietnam War by exploring its tactics and equipment through living history displays, re-enactments and Mil-Sim airsoft events. Re: Vietnam war 9th Infantry Division reenactment from Italy Post by Niner Alpha » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:29 pm John that picture with the NVA sun hat was taken outside of Chantrea in Cambodia waiting for the choppers to come in to take us somewhere else in Cambodia. This is the 1946-Present Time/Area of reenactor. My Dad and I are looking for a group in the Pensacola area. A. Thanks, -Will A Vietnam War veteran gets emotional when describing how the reenactment helped him deal with what happened when he was a young man. Vietnam re-enactment at Pennsylvania Military Museum honors veterans Vietnam Reenactors Group The PAVN fought in south Vietnam throughout the Vietnam Conflict, but took up major operations after the 1968 tet offensive failures of the NLF/Viet cong forces. Because boundaries can be u World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. Dueling with the Axis is a diverse representation of the actual Allied units of the War. History Alive: A Journey Through Time is a multi-period re-enactment event with living history groups representing periods from the Roman era to the Vietnam War era. Michigan Battery D, 1 st Michigan Light Artillery The WW II Historical Reenactment Society is dedicated to keeping World War Two history alive and in the public eye and to honor the veterans as well as preserving World War Two artifacts. Re-enacting the Vietnam War Each year in Oregon, a group of men gather to re-create a war that so many Americans have tried to forget. We portray units of the 1st Infantry Division, including the 16th, 18th and 26th Infantry Regiment's, 701st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company, the 1st MP Platoon, 1st Medical Battalion, 1st Signal Company, 1st Recon Troop Mechanized, and other attached units and personnel from WWI to present day. This is not a political or historical section, discussions will be limited to the gear and guns appropriate for the era and theme based games. Vietnam War era US Uniforms, hats, Jungle boots, jungle fatigues, surplus, web gear, collectibles, reproductions and more. Armies of France and Britain and their allies will be on hand for the event. Check your local newspaper or reenactment Web sites for listings of upcoming reenactment events in your area. east coast usa usmc groups by Vietnam War Experience. Vietnam reenacting: Can it be done? This is NOT a reenacting Group, we are historians. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. This group has been in operation for more than 25 years. Their site has a good history section, a great training section and a lot of great 2nd Marine photos. Combat Air Ground Assault Reenactment narrated by Combat Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart Recipient Dust Off Pilot Phil Marshall with the Wolfhound Living History Group, all 3 Hueys and Combat Vietnam Directed by Albert Calleros, Josue Cervantes, Ron Hughart. Many Vietnam War reenactors also reenact other time periods. 1/27 Inf. S. Disclaimer & Information: This group is for historical reenactment and living history only. I thought I would start a new thread under Reenactors to specifically show off your home made or purpose bought rations that you use for Reenacting. 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry - Company A Civil War Reenactors 19th Century Civilian impressionists Diem's refusal to enter into negotiations with North Vietnam about holding nationwide elections in 1956, as had been stipulated by the Geneva Conference, would eventually lead to war breaking out again in South Vietnam in 1959 - the Second Indochina War. Our members collect and own a wide selection of vehicles, equipment and personal items from the Vietnam War, which we display at various shows throughout the year in the form of a mobile museum. Haven't looked into their whereabouts for awhile. 1st Cavalry Div. 1. This group is about Vietnam reenacting. We are a Vietnam War living history/reenacting group that portrays the 1st Squadron/9th Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division. With 74 members worldwide, The Vietnam War Experience are a new and exciting group, re-enacting a variety of units and periods of the War. With Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Scott Grimes, Rachael MacFarlane. IN COUNTRY Op-Docs Script REV - 11/4/14 In reenactment. Elements of the 199th Light Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, and 307th Engineer Battalion participated on the G. The event is run by the Queensland Living History Federation and aims to showcase many different periods of re-enactment. Net, the on-line home of historical reenacting and living history! reenactor. To submit a show listing to be included in our calendar of events, send show date(s), location, and contact information to: John Adams-Graf, 5225 Joerns Drive, Suite 2, Stevens Point, WI 54481 or email to jadamsgraf@aimmedia. I was wondering if there were any WWII or Vietnam battle reenactment groups in the northern San Francisco bay area (around Marin or up north) that is active and is recruiting members. 2ND MARINES REENACTED - E/2/2 World War II HRS reenactors from the Chicagoland area. Member groups can also arrange at minimal cost for rental of period appropriate canvas, furniture and cooking supplies. We look forward to continuing in our mission to grow interest in historical re-enacting as an educational hobby. Indiantown Gap, PA). The Palmyra Annual Civil War Re-enactment in fall Visit the Flower City Park during October in order to attend the Civil War re-enactment. In the early morning hours of January 31, 1968, the largest battle of the Vietnam War, the Tet Offensive, was launched by 84,000 enemy soldiers across South Vietnam. Most are Civil War battles followed by those from the American revolution and a few from World War II. (Airmobile) Pacific Northwest Historical Group (PNWHG), which is well known for its first class World War II reenactments and displays. . Anyone know of any vietnam era reenactment groups in the Kansas Missouri area? Willing to go out of state if its a neighboring state. Texans in the Civil War - with information on Col. Thanks for the help. In addition to the reenactors of WWII, we also have members who are reenacting the Vietnam War by protraying soldiers of the US 1st Cavalry Division during the 1960s. “Most other groups are made up An awesome group of dedicated midwest reenactors who depict the China Marines. Apache Troop 1/9 - 1st Cav Vietnam Reenactors. 1/7th Cav. – COURTESY OF 2/327TH VIETNAM RE-ENACTMENT GROUP. m. Most surprising of all is Vinh Nguyen, a South Vietnamese Army Vietnam War era uniforms, including some quality Tiger Stripe gear, synonymous with the conflict. uk The WWII Group Reenacting Page All Fronts Re-enactment Association - UK Bund Deutscher Madel - Historical research and online archive WW2 LHA is an association - (UK) WW2 Reenacting Information - International The 39-45 Living History Society - Mixture of allies and axis reenactors Reenactment groups and societies can be found all over the world, although they are especially active in the U. co. Include “Reenactment Listing” on the subject line. Vietnam Reenactors, A Co. 1/7th Cav. 1/7th Cav. They're open to new members but insist on correct uniforms and accuracy throughout. Rolling Thunder is a Living History/re-enactment group and its members' personal collections are used at various shows in the form of a mobile museum. Military Trader Shows | Military Vehicles Shows | Reenactments/Living History | All Events. By Justin, June 14, 2008 in REENACTING GROUPS & REPRO GEAR. vietnam reenactment groups